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Hour #2 of Third Strike: 100 Performances for The Hole

Third Strike: 100 Performances for The Hole is a mini-marathon of time-based performance that took places on 12/10/11. Each performance lasts just two minutes and takes place in, around, in contradiction of, or is inspired by “The Hole,” a 100-year-old former sand casting pit in the floor of the SOMArts Main Gallery. This project contains documentation of more than six hours of performance in one hour segments, plus a 20 minute highlight video. This is hour #1. This event was conceived by SOMArts Curator & Gallery Director, Justin Hoover. In his words, “We imagine this biennial event as a spectrometer for time- based art, an open forum for creativity reflecting contemporary media and popular culture. It’s a rare and much needed opportunity for Bay Area artists to engage in unencumbered live performance art in a way that is simultaneously intimate and macroscopic.” The history of the hole is one of radical self-expression and experimentation. The only rules are performances must adhere to a precise time signature of two minutes, and performers may not harm themselves or others. Past performances have included the unorthodox usage of bodily orifices, a set from a heavy metal band, and ritualistic offerings.


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